Exotic wood raw block

How does a piece of jewelry start?

Exotic Wood Jewelry: My blank block of exotic wood, happily clamped and waiting to be worked into jewelry. It takes approximately 1 week to put this together and then 2 weeks to dry. All the wood I use is reclaimed, salvaged or re-purposed.  My favorite colour is purple heartwood providing by far the richest and deepest colourations I have seen since working with woods. All wood is left natural and the colour is brought out by the waxing process. 
There are specific tools that I work with including a drill press and my newly acquired dremel. But I will be honest, I am not a fan of the band saw and so ask for help with this monster of a machine; especially when it comes to cutting the main block. Once pieces are cut for bracelets, middles are cored out (think donut hole) and those are used for rings. Bracelets take an average 4 or 5 days of artistic styling, carving and finishing. Rings can take either a day or two depending on how intricate the design and size. 
Care of the exotic wood artwear after purchase is provided with each piece.  
Glass BeadsMiyuki or Swarovski Glass Bead Projects: Beads I typically use are anywhere from size 10 to 20: with 20 resembling pepper according to mom on a good bright day with her glasses on and picking up a piece to examine it further. Needless to say each ring or necklace project takes somewhere between 4 to 10 days to complete. Some rings have been finished and others I have kept loose in order to have customized for clients when purchased. 
Leather HideLeather Jewelry Projects: Most of the leather bracelet raw material is re-purposed (ask me and I’ll spill the beans). In circumstances where I have to purchase leather it’s due to colour or texture needs of the piece I have in mind to create. To retain high quality on each bracelet I use heavy duty single or double snaps (90%), indestructible flat studding (so your wrist is comfortable) and embossing. 
Care of leather bracelets is provided with each piece. 

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