Name your favorite movie to watch during Christmas time. Does it star Steve Martin or Chevy Chase? I vote for old school vs. new school any day. A little punch dry comedy is good and laughing with family and friends over popcorn is perfect. It’s not Christmas without a giant elf or a Winnebago going the wrong way…Pools of Flame While the elves are hard at work its time to bring a short necklace to life. Most of my designs are large pieces and I simply needed a change of pace. Elves move fast so I have to keep up. Pools of Flame beaded necklace This is especially interesting when it comes to naming. In 4 or 5 minutes I should have a name… this one was to be named Jade Green Flower but that was already taken by a flower I had no idea existed. There are 2 pieces of polished agate.. one very mossy and the other a gorgeous muted flame in neutral tones. Pools of Flame is the result of a collision of beads among those 2 stone counterweights. I added a #QR so you can find me on Facebook.. I can answer questions via twitter, email or fbook… your choice. If any of you would also like to purchase large agate let me know… cause I will go shopping with you. Pools of Flame Pools of Flame Pools of Flame


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