I have a huge appetite for all things art including a visit to the St. Petersburg, Florida Salvador Dali museum in which I probably scared the crap out off the security guard when I had to lie down on the floor just to get a perspective on the size of the paintings. Needless to say it took a while to gain enough courage to start my own collection and in 2009 I decided it was my time to come back into my own to paint “Not Just White Noise”, “R U Around the Curve” and “Drawn Line in Life”.   I added glass beading into my repertoire and at this point my glass bead case weighs more than I do. I kept the exotic wood working to the warmer months until a wonderful birthday present in the form of a dremel came into my possession. I have three studio settings: the garage of course, where the loud work is done,  the basement studio/office for bookkeeping and glass work and my bedroom where I answer tweets from the comfort of my bed.  It’s a full time passion and I enjoy the business and social side of being an artiste! Send me your feedback on my site or questions you have about my work via my contact page.


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